Why can t aspergers make eye contact

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why can t aspergers make eye contact

Fire on the Mountain: The True Story of the South Canyon Fire by John N. Maclean



In this acclaimed bestseller of investigative journalism, John N. Maclean chronicles the deadly 1994 Colorado forest fire that was wrongly identified at the outset as occurring in South Canyon. This misidentification was the first in a string of seemingly minor human errors that would be compounded into one of the greatest tragedies in the annals of firefighting as fourteen men and women firefighters -- experts in their field -- lost their lives battling the South Canyon blaze.

This stunning reconstruction of the fire and its aftermath, drawn from Macleans exhaustive research and countless interviews, reveals fascinating insights into what went wrong, and how so many top-notch firefighters fell victim to nature at its most unforgiving. A page-turning adventure narrative brimming with action and intensity, Fire on the Mountain offers a powerful and indelible profile of a special breed of people who put their lives on the line as part of their daily jobs.
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People With Autism Describe Why Eye Contact Can Be Difficult

Eye contact is aversive for some adults with autism

Each week there will be a question about life on the Spectrum. It is open to anyone who is on the Autistic Spectrum to answer and give us their views. A chance to enlighten parents, carers, teachers and the public about how Autism is for you. I would like this to be very much an interactive project, so please send in any questions that you might have to irisgracepainting yahoo. We know that eye contact is a very social type interaction. Some on the Spectrum actively avoid it and appear confused and anxious when it occurs.

Why is it so difficult for our son (12 years old and on the spectrum) to make eye contact. What can we do - and what shouldn't we do - to.
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Symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome

One clue that a child may have autism is that she does not make eye contact with others. This feature appears in the first six months of life , leading some researchers to consider differences in gaze pattern a potential early marker for autism. One theory holds that people with autism perceive eye contact during social interactions as unimportant: In other words, they are indifferent to it. Alternatively, they may avoid eye contact because it is uncomfortable or aversive. Many autism therapies encourage children and adults to make eye contact. Studies in young children support the first hypothesis of eye contact: an indifference to gaze.

Eye contact is hard to get right because it is hard to tell whether you are giving someone too much eye contact or too little when they are talking to you. While people are not talking and when you are not talking to them, it is often best not to look at them. This is because people can usually see that you are looking at them out of the corner of their eyes and this may make them feel uncomfortable, in which case they might talk about you behind your back. To control your gaze might be difficult for you but it is by no means impossible. Also, pointing at people can make them suspicious and should be avoided or at least done very discreetly. When you are talking to someone or they are talking to you, you are expected to look at them, bearing in mind the following guidelines. To look at someone for less than one third of the time may be communicating that either you are shy if you keep looking down or you are dishonest if you keep looking to the side.

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