David bailly self portrait vanitas symbols

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david bailly self portrait vanitas symbols

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Published 04.01.2019

Creative License-Self Portrait

In this vanitas still-life, the border between the two genres of the still-life and the portrait are blurred. On the one hand, there are several portraits as painting within the painting forming part of a still-life arrangement on the table.

Category:Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols (David Bailly - Museum De Lakenhal)

This curious painting is obviously of the Old Masters school of the 17th century, and in fact was painted by Dutch artist David Bailly about , evidently a portrait of himself. This is, however, more than just a self-portrait or even a slightly odd one. Bailly could have painted just himself staring out of a frame, but instead he chose to include the strange objects on the table in front of him: pictures of both men and women, flower blossoms, a glass of what looks like beer but is most probably oil of some kind, jewelry, and most prominently a human skull. Skulls are the most common of these. Vanitas symbols encompass a slightly broader range, intending to communicate not just death but the fragility and transience of life. You will also notice that Bailly appears as a young man, perhaps even a teenager.

Historic Painting: “Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols” by David Bailly, 1651.

Vanitas is an explicit genre of art in which the artist uses gloomy and moody symbolic objects in order that the viewer becomes very aware of the brevity of life and the inevibility of death. The origins of the term vanitas can be traced back to the Latin biblical adage from the Book of Ecclesiastes :. This specific artistic genre was very popular in the 16 th and 17 th century especially in the Netherlands, Flanders and France. My Daily Art Display blog today looks at one of the works by the great Dutch still life and vanitas painter David Bailly. Bailly was born in Leiden in His father, Pieter, a Flemish immigrant from Antwerp, was a writing master.

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