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big sister little sister images

Big Sister and Little Sister by Charlotte Zolotow

I liked this story quite a bit. I thought the illustrations were quite charming, although the style is quite old and may not be as appealing to readers today.

The story was sweet - a protective older sibling cares for her younger sister, doing her best to take care of her. The younger sister desires to be more independent, however, and sneaks away on an adventure. Although she has fun, she regrets her actions when she realizes how distressed her sister is over her disappearance.

Its sweet, but doesnt feel entirely realistic. Maybe due to the difference in time periods - children back then would have been expected to hold more responsibilities than today, I suppose. Its possible an older child would have been left as caregiver if both parents were needed to work, run the household, or were otherwise engaged.
I just know that my brother and I were only a little further apart in age than the sisters seem to be set, and we fought like a cat and dog as soon as he was mobile enough to get into my things. Not to mention my moms stories, from growing up in the sixties, and her brothers dismembering her dolls. The older sister in the story must have the patience of a saint.
Mind you, Ive seen a home ex. Manual that must have been from the fifties or so that had pages on interacting with younger siblings and childcare - it certainly spoke as if it were expected that an Older sibling would be expected to take part in raising younger siblings, which reinforces that it may simply be a difference in attitudes.

Overall its a cute story,and I could see someone reading it to a child who is eagerly anticipating becoming an older sibling. And Im sure that the flip-side story of a child frustrated by a bossy older sibling would hold just as well today!
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Having a sister is a very unique experience that not everyone can truly know about. Women share a special bond with each other in general, and a sisterly bond is on another level. There are some things about having an older sister that every little sis can totally relate to. I love to compare famous siblings to the relationship I have with my sister. And, oftentimes, I find myself saying, "they're just like us. Obviously, we're not carbon copies, but we understand where they're coming from more times than one. We're all products of our environment, and having that incredible big sis, little sis dynamic as you were growing up has really affected you, even if you're completely unaware.

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