Fuck it we re doing it live

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fuck it we re doing it live

F*ck Love Quotes by Tarryn Fisher

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Published 03.01.2019

Fuck It! We'll Do It Live! Remix

We'll do it live

Women continue to face an uphill battle when trying to convince others that they have been mistreated at home or in the workplace. Many corners of U. Then, finally, he stands, tries to take off his microphone and delivers what has become one of the more memorable phrases in internet history. It would be years until the clip made its way into the public eye. But Theresa McKeown will never forget seeing it the next day.

Click here! Bill O'Reilly Rant refers to a viral video featuring television host Bill O'Reilly yelling and cursing at his coworkers during a taping of the show Inside Edition. While the original video was removed, YouTuber CrownVictoriaCop reuploaded it the following day, gathering more than 2. Within eight years, the video received upwards of , views and comments. On May 24th, , Stephen Colbert parodied the rant in an episode of the Colbert Report shown below, left. On June 20th, , YouTuber Sully Omar uploaded a dubstep remix of the video, garnering more than , views and comments within five years shown below, right. On September 20th, , Mediaite posted leaked outtakes of MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell cursing at coworkers for eight minutes during a recording of his show conducted on August 29th the previous month.

It contains a live performance recorded at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, Pennsylvania on July 18, The album was released on October 21, , through Hot Topic locations in the United States and on website Interpunk. The album was inspired by a video clip featuring television personality Bill O'Reilly. Personnel in the group for the live show included Wednesday 13 on vocals and guitar , Jason Trioxin on guitar, Nate Manor on bass , and Jonny Chops on drums. Metal Storm reviewed the release and described the album as an ideal introduction to Wednesday 13, comparing the style of music to glam punk. Metal Ireland recommended the music for its simple, B-movie quality.

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