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john connolly charlie parker novels

Charlie Parker Series by John Connolly

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Published 03.01.2019

John Connolly tells us about his 13th Charlie Parker Novel, 'A Song of Shadows'

The Charlie Parker series of supernatural crime thrillers written by Irish author Dark Hollow – Charlie Parker befriends a down-and-out mother with a small child . The Killing Kind – Charlie Parker is hired to investigate the.

A guide to John Connolly’s Charlie Parker

Connolly was already the talk of the town because his first novel, Every Dead Thing, had sold in the UK and the US for sums that would seem fantastical even now. We bonded over a shared love for the great novelist Ross Macdonald and became friends. Those huge advances can now be seen as shrewd investments in a remarkably productive and popular author. In person Connolly is charming, witty and eloquent, although a certain unease will surface if he is exposed to human company for too long: like many writers, impersonating himself seems to become a strain, and you sense him yearning for the consolations of his art, for the sanctuary of the study. And around the fourth or fifth book I went, why does it have to be that way? And when I began writing the stories for the second volume of Nocturnes, I wrote a story called The Wanderer in Unknown Realms that introduced the idea of the Fractured Atlas, and I realised, actually this is part of the same universe as the Parker books, and at that point I began to think, where can these two intersect? So it was always going to be a long book, it was going to range geographically and historically so it needed space.

The Charlie Parker Series is an internationally bestselling pulse-pounding thriller by John Connolly. This is a book that features a community that has always thrived as others suffer. Its people are quite wealthy and their children have a well secured future. Outsiders are not welcomed as it guards its own. At the heart of this prosperous community is an ancient church. However, everything takes a rather strange turn after death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw the deadly attention of a private investigator Charlie Parker to this town.

Check out this list of the most top-rated Charlie Parker novels :. Charles Parker, drunk, came back to home and found out that his wife Susan and daughter Jennifer have been murdered. Parker left New York for good and retreated to Maine where he earned a decent living as a private investigator. There he encountered a double murder case. Parkers re-examined his own troubled past while being mysterious followed by a pair of sweethearts. Parker lost his license and worked again behind bars. He also discovered here his ability to commune with spirits.

Who is Charlie Parker?

By Fabien. On June 3, In Reading Guide. Some detectives think they saw real evil in their line of work. Former New York City policeman hunting the killer of his wife and daughter, Charlie Parker is a private investigator whose cases are pushing him into the realm of supernatural. For him, Evil is all too real. Your email address will not be published.

Charlie Parker Series. Former New York City policeman Charlie "Bird" Parker is a private investigator whose cases increasingly take on shades of the supernatural. Book 1. Every Dead Thing by John Connolly. Tortured and brilliant private detective Charlie… More.

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  1. The Parker Series, written by John Connolly. John's first novel, Every Dead Thing , introduced the character of Charlie Parker, a former policeman hunting the.

  2. The character is easily one of our favourites in the crime genre, even though the books often detour into the supernatural.

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