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send a smile send a frown

Smile Frown Quotes (1 quote)

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Published 03.01.2019

Smile — Caroline Manning -- lyrics

Amazon Frown: Amazon Smile should stop sending money to extremists

That new parents optimistically interpret the first reflex smiles reflects the complexity of smiling: there is the physical act and then the interpretation society gives to it — the smile and what the smile means. On a physical level, a smile is clear enough. There are 17 pairs of muscles controlling expression in the human face, plus the orbicularis oris, a ring that goes around the mouth. When the brain decides to smile, a message is sent out over the sixth and seventh cranial nerves. These branch across each side of the face from the eyebrows to the chin, connecting to a combination of muscles controlling the lips, nose, eyes and forehead. Culturally, smiling resonates across the arc of human history, from the grinning Greek kouros sculptures of 2, years ago right up to emojis.

We are all adults here. We know the qualities that a good smile can carry. It makes you happy, it relieves stress, it makes you feel good, happy etc.
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