Johnson chua feng shui 2017

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johnson chua feng shui 2017

The Ten Profiles - The Friend by Joey Yap

Your BaZi Profile peels off another deeper layer of your personality to reveal the roles you consciously and unconsciously play in life. Through this series, you will find out which Profile you belong to and learn your path of least resistance to success. Every individual is different. Learn to see the world through the lens of 10 different Profiles!

What You`ll Learn

-Cultivating your inborn talent and nature to create positive changes in your career, relationship and friendships
-Your self-image which shows how you consider yourself consciously or subconsciously
-Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
-Understand how a person modifies their basic nature when under extreme pressure
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Chinoy Fortune: Johnson Chua

Chinese New Year Feng Shui 2019 – everything you need to know and so much more

The field experts gave some effective Feng Shui tips for the year that will allegedly give us a wealthier life next year. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment, which could allegedly bring luck and wealth to a person. Johnson Chua, a Feng Shui expert said that is the Year of the Earth Dog, which is related to rentals and commercials. Chua also said that all types of business could grow successful through starting it with a good name, logo, and branding, then the owners could use the good luck charms to attract positive energy. The Feng Shui expert also presented different types of lucky charms and explained their corresponding purpose. What can you say about this?

This Chinese New Year, we usher in the Year of the Dog, an animal that symbolizes intelligence, protection, and loyalty in the Chinese zodiac. Dogs are known to be friendly and peaceful: two traits that will hopefully translate to less conflict and more serenity in your life this Ring in the New Year with cheers and redesign according to feng shui predictions to invite wealth and good fortune. Here are some interior design tips that will attract positive energy and luck into your doorstep:. According to Johnson Chua, feng shui coach at Sunrise Merchandise, we should pay attention to the main entrance because this serves as the entryway of the life energy called qi. This is also where good and bad energy is filtered.

Will the Year of the Metal Rat be lucky for you? What types of energies will work for or against your animal sign in ? What can you do to realize its promises of new beginnings, abundance and overall better fortune? Join us on November 24 to find out the answers to your questions. The flow of energy or chi is an important consideration in the practice of feng shui. This explains why doors have great significance in house and other building orientation.

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Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua Reveals Predictions for 2019 “Year of Earth Pig”

We are now down to the last few days of the year and many are surely excited about what awaits in the year Around two days from now, another chapter is about to unfold. Before a new year approaches, lots of predictions cross the surface. The Chinese people are fond of predictions and they have undeniably influenced the other races including Filipinos. Many people are into checking predictions to see what possibly awaits them in the next year. Master Hanz predicted that fire-related business like food and restaurants will be a hit in the approaching year.

Every time another Lunar New Year signs on, people who still subscribe to ancient Chinese beliefs wait for predictions based on the zodiac sign corresponding to their birth year. And as the Year of the Earth Pig ushers in, forecasts abound again. The Pig is the 12 th of all the zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar. According to chinesenewyear. He is a tolerant being, recognized by his friends for his kindness and generosity.

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