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love what is it all about

What Is Love Quotes (28 quotes)

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Published 21.12.2018

Love Is All You Need - Beatles

What is love – and is it all in the mind?

After years spent speaking with couples before, during and after marriage; and of talking to parents and children struggling with their relationships, I am convinced of the partiality of the definition. Love should be seen not as a feeling but as an enacted emotion. To love is to feel and act lovingly. Too many women have told me, bruises visible on their faces, that the husbands who struck them love them. Since they see love as a feeling, the word hides the truth, which is that you do not love someone whom you repeatedly beat and abuse.

Love involves feelings -- romanticized by music, literature, and media. We all yearn to recreate that intimacy based on what seems so ideal. Our deepest longings shape what defines love -- fervor passionate , flawless perfect , and fulfillment joy. When we express love, we develop a strong emotional attachment, anticipating our love to be returned. What do I receive out of the relationship? Sadly, what nourished and warmed our love for one season often withers and grows cold.

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If we understand how to recognize when we are being loved, we can also learn to recognize our love for another. When we are loved, we tend to feel it intuitively in our guts. But how does it work? Our hearts take cues from our senses. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch or smell teaches us about our universe.

For some people, love can be used to describe almost anything. OMG, I love this iced latte! This sweater is amazing, I love it. But, what about romantic relationships? For couples in long-term relationships, love means loyalty and commitment but for college students in the center of their first real relationship, love may feel messy and complicated.

Love is involuntary. Brain science tells us it's a drive like thirst. It's a craving for a specific person. It's normal, natural to "lose control" in the early stage of romance. It's a natural addiction and treating it like an addiction can help you. Click Here to take the Passionate Love Quiz yourself!

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  1. The ideal intimate relationship scenario, some might say, involves a balanced combination of love and lust. After all, lusting after someone is.

  2. All of these things are expectations. Expectations are just your requirements for “ acceptability” of loving someone. But true love has no.

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