San diego plane crash 1978

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san diego plane crash 1978

What Happened Here by Bonnie ZoBell

Bonnie ZoBells linked novella and story collection, What Happened Here, made me feel as if Id lived all my life in San Diegos North Park, whose inhabitants live and work in the long shadow of the 1978 airline crash that decimated the neighborhood. What is most extraordinary is the ease with which ZoBell at once accumulates the layers of a novelistic narrative and offers us beautifully written, compact stories with lives of their own. Like Krzysztof Kie lowskis Red or Haruki Murakamis After the Quake, ZoBell allows us a complete picture only through a nimble narrative triangulation between the many characters and stories. The hard-fought and bounded truth we see here is, I think, the truest kind of truth. -Jerry Gabriel, author of Drowned Boy, winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction
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Published 02.01.2019

San Diego Remembers Crash Of PSA Flight 182, 40 Years Later

A total of people died when the Boeing collided with a Cessna light aircraft and plunged into the streets of San Diego 40 years ago this week.
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To those unfamiliar with the San Diego community of North Park, Dwight Street between Boundary and Nile Streets is a quiet streetscape composed primarily of unassuming single-story homes. On Monday morning, September 25, , at hours, however it resembled a Hell on earth. It carried passengers and crew. A radar-equipped civilian air traffic control facility, the San Diego Approach Center was responsible for directing all private and commercial aircraft descending or departing Lindbergh Field or any of the other smaller outlying feeder airports within San Diego County. Boundary and Dwight Streets, North Park,

Time for Martin Kazy Jr. Time for Vernon Franck, a Seabee, to begin another routine day at the naval amphibious base in Coronado. In less than two minutes — at — PSA and the Cessna would collide in midair, at 2, feet over North Park. Both aircraft fell from the sky, slamming into residential streets, showering residences, cars and pavement with airplane parts, corpses and flames, destroying or damaging 22 homes. For those who were here, though, the memories remain vivid.

It was Pacific Southwest Airlines ' first fatal accident. Both aircraft crashed into North Park , a San Diego neighborhood. Flight impacted just north of the intersection of Dwight and Nile, killing all people aboard the aircraft and seven people on the ground in houses, including two children. The Cessna impacted on Polk Ave. Nine others on the ground were injured and 22 homes were destroyed or damaged by the impact and debris. The flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles was uneventful. First Officer Fox was the pilot flying.

On the morning of Monday, September 25, , Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight The seven-person, San Diego-based crew consisted of Captain At the time of the collision, the Cessna was on the missed.
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The death toll of makes it the deadliest aircraft disaster in California history to date, and it was the first Pacific Southwest Airlines accident involving fatalities. It was also the deadliest plane crash in the history of the United States until American Airlines Flight went down eight months later.

On a. After the collision, the Boeing and all of its passengers impacted the ground at a near-vertical angle at over miles per hour, killing all on board, seven on the ground, and injuring an additional nine people on the ground. The impact destroyed a number of homes in the area, and almost all of the first responders to the crash site suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after working the disaster and witnessing the carnage in the weeks following. A plaque at the San Diego Aerospace Museum a nearby library serve as memorials to those killed. The only clue at the actual location is a slightly wavy texture as you drive over it. Still, every year on September 25, the local news and family members hold a memorial service in remembrance of the souls lost that day. There is no marker at the site, but you may notice the texture of the street is different on the corner due to the impact.

Everyone aboard the jet as well as a student pilot and his instructor aboard the Cessna and at least one person on the ground were reported killed. Several others on the ground were rushed to hospitals. The death toll of was the worst for an airplane collision in U. In December two commercial planes collided over New York City, killing aboard the planes and six others on the ground. The worst air disaster in history occurred March 27, , at Tenerife in the Canary Islands, when two jumbo jets collided, killing It was smoking on the right side," said Phil Hopkins, a witness. The jetliner smashed into a row of houses along Dwight Street in the North Park district, about five miles from the city airport, Lindbergh Field.

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