Names that sound like ruby

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names that sound like ruby

Hello, My Name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead

Just okay. Im expecting so much more from the Steads, both of them, since Amos McGee.

This was a simple parable, with a predictable lesson on trying to make friends who are like you and not like you. There are some fun moments along the way to break up the lesson, but I still felt like I was being preached to and not having an experience.

Nancy was telling me today about the use of the aesthetic term ekstasis from Greek philosophy to talk about a kind of transport or outside-oneself perspective that can be achieved in art. Thats a lot of what I think I expect from the best picturebooks, and why Im usually disappointed by didactic literature--it positions me very deliberately in a specific, pre-decided place.
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Perfect 'P' Names for Babies!

Girls names like Ruby: Lily, Grace, Mary, Sapphire, Boys names like Ruby: Scourge, Firestar, James, Jack.
Philip C. Stead

Hazel, Alice, Ruby: 1930s Names We Love

Girls have worn the names of precious gems for generations. From vintage Pearl to modern Emerald , the options are a rich and vibrant bunch. Gemstone names can be obvious and even flashy — think Diamond — to subtle, even under-the-radar, like Gemma. Amber — As a name, Amber was boosted by a scandalous romance novel, but it has been considered desirable for far longer. Formed when tree resin hardens, amber is especially common near the Baltic Sea, and entire trade routes once flourished based on transporting amber. Beryl — Traditional might not be the best word here, but Beryl has been in use as a given name throughout the twentieth century. Noted aviatrix Beryl Markham is one notable bearer.

Even more about Ruby

I am wondering whether or not we should go with another color name. It was a coincidence that we chose two color names, but a few people have pointed it out. We like Scarlett, and would be happy to use it, but then does the theme become tacky? Our other fave name is probably Cora, and we also like Clover and Pilar which are a bit more adventurous. If that is the case, I would recommend choosing a name that coordinates with the style of the names Ruby and Hazel—but not a color name that would draw attention to the difference. The names Cora and Clover go beautifully with the names Ruby and Hazel, while leaving the name Aylin separate. As I start to look for more names to suggest to bridge the gap between the two styles of names, I see the issue: there are not many like that.

Kathryn Lamoreux is a college composition instructor. She loves to read and has always been fascinated by the fabulous diversity of names. For a subtler association with a color you love, you can also try names whose meanings are connected to colors, even if they aren't English words. Bianca is a beautiful Italian name meaning "white," while Russell is a solidly traditional boys' name meaning "redheaded or fox-colored. Iris: A flower name that literally means "rainbow," Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Although it was more popular a few generations ago, the name is experiencing a bit of a resurgence.

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