Lego legends of chima character encyclopedia

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lego legends of chima character encyclopedia

LEGO Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia by DK Publishing

Dorling Kingsley know how to produce some really beautiful books, their Lego volumes are always a visual treat and this one ranks high on the eye-candy scale. Throw in an ‘exclusive’ minifigure from the latest CHIMA sub-theme (Firox, an anthropomorphic phoenix chap with steam-punk-esque goggles) and this will certainly be a hit amongst the target CHIMA audience.

However, as an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), there was something a little lacking about the CHIMA character encyclopaedia compared to previous offerings. The title, after browsing through the contents, is actually quite misleading; they should have gone with ‘Visual Dictionary’ instead. In fact, as a whole, the book feels a little rushed, like the usual care was thrown out of the window, particular with the ‘Outland’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’ Tribes.

Firstly, the enclosed characters are not an exhaustive list. The CHIMA line, whilst obviously focused upon the Lego toys, has branched out to include an animated series (this seems to be the norm for toys these days?) and a PS-Vita/DS game, spawning a wealth of further characters never created in plastic: Beaver and Bear Tribes; Shadowind in ‘Warthog’ helmet disguise; Dom de la Whoosh, a rather adorable anthropomorphic peacock, etc. These guys don’t even get a mention, particularly tragic as that includes Bladvic, the bear leader, with a well-developed representation in both game and series.

There are also other key characters, such as the Crocodile Queen Crunket, who failed to make the minifigure cut, that get a mention (in regards to her husband, who was made, and a Lion called Lavertus, who apparently had a Shakespearean-tragic crush on the scaly miss) but do not actually have their own character section. Attentive children will notice this absence if they’ve had exposure to the game and series. They’re going to know a lot more about the Chima theme than this book can offer.

The other oddities that caught my attention hide in the ‘Ice’ tribe section, which groups both the sabre-toothed cats and mammoths into one. Firstly, Lego have released a Constraction figure called ‘Panthar’, which is included in the set run-down at the back of the volume, but not produced him as a minifigure (yet?), thus there’s no Panthar section. This is a massive bugbear as I thought this would be the one place to firmly resolve the mystery, the book is advertised as the place to go to ‘discover everything there is to know about this mysterious land’ (A rather bold statement for just a character-covering book!). Does anyone know who this Panthar gent actually is?

My second major niggle is with the entry for Sykor. This sabretooth minifigure has a lovely page, yet he’s currently exclusive to a polybag… The set run-down at the back of the volume does not include any polybags, just the boxed sets. I suspect this might be why they haven’t included the handy information as to who is included where, as this would have highlighted the spotty information at the back.
Overall, the first half of this book is lovely, even with the character omissions. The earlier tribes have a particular wealth of information, with pages to include the CHI transformations – the constraction figures of the key character from each tribe. The images throughout are nice, detailed shots, and precisely what you’d expect for a DK Lego book. It does feel more like a Visual Dictionary at this point though, with pictures of the large sets like the fiddly lion temple, the wonderful crocodile command ship and wacky wolf combat ‘caravan’ that separates into various mini vehicles. These have all been dissected with the unobtrusive dotty-line pointers to highlight the features of the set. So be prepared to dig deep into your pockets if you missed these pricey gems, the book makes them feel very ‘must have’ for the child in your life. Truthfully, had the entire book continued in this vain, I would be a happy camper…
… But then you hit the second half.

Whilst the images are still nice to look at, the information itself is suddenly lacklustre. The nice vibe from earlier begins to wither as you spot the obvious gaps that make it feel rushed. Don’t expect to see the CHI constraction models for the fire and ice tribes covered as they had been earlier. If you want to look at those in the book, you’ll need a magnifying glass to inspect the tiny pictures on the (incomplete!) set gallery at the back.

I’m unsure where the goodreads description got details of ‘additional pages’ to cover the special events of the animated series from – these don’t exist. There are images from the cartoon, such as Laval riding his Legend Beast, within the content but there is no dedicated section. In fact, after looking at the ice tribe’s weapons, the minifigure and set gallery bring the book to an abrupt end. It feels a little like it should be there, just to give it the nice close, the comprehensive vibe that DK Lego books usually present… But alas, no.
Let’s not even begin with the new nuisance spotted, where the tribe weapons sections are woefully incomplete.

Kids will love it. Not comprehensive. Lush, as always, to look at with great detailed shots of the physical Lego product.
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LEGO Legends of Chima Character Encyclopedia book

Besplatna dostava. Kontaktirajte nas. GraphQL i React. Autor : DK. This is the ultimate guide to the characters and tribes of Chima[trademark] with a new and exclusive minifigure. Venture into the exciting world of Lego Legends of Chima in Lego[registered] Legends of Chima[trademark]: Character Encyclopedia and discover everything there is to know about this mysterious land, plus collect your new and exclusive minifigure. Follow the very latest CHI-fuelled adventures of the tribes from Lego Legends of Chima and learn about their vehicles, weapons, allies and enemies.

Venture into the exciting world of LEGO Legends of Chima and discover everything there is to know about this mysterious land. Meet the tribes of Chima and learn about their vehicles, weapons, enemies, and CHI-fueled adventures. LEGO Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia features all of children's favorite characters, storylines, sets, and minifigures from as well as from The action and adventure is heating up for , as new challenges and enemies threaten the land of Chima and its animal tribes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

The book features all the favourite characters, vehicles, locations, and weapons from and , with the action heating up for as new challenges and enemies threaten the land of Chima and its animal tribes. With a minifigure gallery of every Chima character ever released and eight new tribes, such as spiders, scorpions and bats, LEGO Legends of Chima fans will love this in-depth character guide.
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I ordered this book for my son's 10th birthday which is Thursday the 18th. I received the book today the 16th before the estimated ship date which was quite a pleasant suprise. I know my son will enjoy this very much. It also comes with a exclusive mini figure. Here at Walmart.

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