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keep them mean keep them keen

Treat them Mean and Keep them Keen by Gerry Stergiopoulos

Im a fan of self-help books, and like to read both tips for guys and girls (nothing wrong with keeping yourself informed of the other sides tricks and tactics!) and seriously, this is a quick and easy to read book that hits the nail on the end.
I found myself smiling and nodding along.

The tips are honest; the body language advice spot on; and the writing (grammar and punctuation) is great.

Definitely recommend.

This is what another reader has to say:

This book totally changed my life in the space of few months. When I picked it up I was single, unloved and had given up on Mr Green eyes, a hunky Irishman I met through work.

But Treat them Mean motivated me to go & get him. How?
First, it showed me HOW TO GET HIS ATTENTION & I practised an entire repertoire of flirtatious glances thanks to the chapter The Art of Body language.
Then an entire chapter on HOW TO FLIRT, (& I did put in good use pages 98-104 Flirting in the office!)
Next it gave me step by step, practical advice on going on dates from what to say to what to wear, plus the brilliant Scottish Shower technique. Finally how to Keep him Keen for life, when you finally are in a relationship.

Not only Mr Green Eyes is now my boyfriend for 6 months, but he is head over heels over me! (Just back from a summer break to meet his family in Cork.)
I OWE THIS BOOK SO MUCH, Best money I have spent in years!!
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Treat Him Mean Keep Him Keen?

English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. Proverb[edit]. treat them mean, keep them keen. A woman will be more interested in a man if.
Gerry Stergiopoulos

Treat them mean, keep them keen is the secret for holding on to a man, scientists say

You meet someone and go on a first date. Said date is perfect. Sparks fly. No one spends the night talking about their ex or hitting on the waitress. Afterwards, you spend the Uber ride home planning your wedding, only to never hear from them again. You want them even more. If you're single, you'll know all too well how tricky navigating the dating landscape can be.

To receive love in full you have to feel worthy and deserving of it, which requires you to have that level of love for yourself first. In a world that feels harsh, hard and at times loveless, it is difficult for women in relationships to feel safe enough to share this delicateness, which is why the gentle loving presence of the tender man can be so confronting — because it calls women to let down their walls of protection and address their lack of self-worth. We may think these walls prevent us from getting hurt when in fact they do the exact opposite. Without a deep connection to our inner-heart we lose our true compass in life — our innate wisdom and knowing which tells us everything we need to know. This voice, our inner knowing, is our ultimate protector and power, it is not something to second guess, brush off or play down. Despite the continual pressure they feel to shut down, withdraw and retreat from sharing their sensitivity with people, these are the men that have held onto something so very pure and precious — something that we all entered the world with, boys and girls equally. Alison is a practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies in Sydney who brings a depth of warmth and wisdom to her work in supporting people to develop a strong sense of their value, worth and unique expression in the world.

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Dating Unplugged. We conducted a study of 1, singles, with additional insight from relationships psychologists, to get some insight into which dating myths actually work, and which ones belong firmly in the past.

That's the strategy used by both men and women to test a potential partner's commitment, claims new research. Treat them mean, goes the adage, and keep them keen. Now it emerges that such power play — used by men and women — is a sound evolutionary strategy to get a good mate. According to new research, playing hard to get tests the commitment and quality of any would-be mate. It seems as though your grandmother's advice might be true — absence may indeed make the heart grow fonder.

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