List of 2015 vampire films

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list of 2015 vampire films

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New English Movie - Vampire Civil War - BEST FANTASY FLIM - Latest Hollywood Movie - 2018

The 20 Best Modern Vampire Movies, 1979 to the Present

Myths and historic approximations surrounding vampires are abundant. The next is a list of 20 essential vampire films. Most of the films enlisted here are deep explorations upon the meaning of vampirism as an allegory of human condition. They all developed and exploited the tasteful aesthetics surrounding vampires and thus may work as a suitable introduction to the vast amount of vampire films cinema deals with. Interview with the Vampire Neil Jordan, Ultimately outsiders are chained to solitude due to their condemnation to immortality, vampires can actually offer a series of statements about human existence.

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The image of the vampire took a bit of a beating a few years ago when Twilight made them teen-friendly. Suddenly the bloodsuckers were moon-eyed, sparkly-faced teenagers spouting about love while skipping geometry. They made Anne Rice's vampires look like the redneck cut-throats in Near Dark. Thankfully a few directors went overtime to let us know that it wasn't all smiles and hearts. These creatures took back the night. Small miracle is also a great way to describe what happened when he finally took it upon himself to make a bloodsucking opera in his inimitably crazy style. A local Yakuza boss seems to have it all, until a rival clan of vampires shows up led by a man-tortoise seer who takes orders from a man who never leaves his plush Frog costume…for real and takes him down.

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