Reasons why we should have a three day weekend

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reasons why we should have a three day weekend

Weekend Quotes (42 quotes)

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Published 31.12.2018

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With Labor Day in the rearview mirror and fall right around the corner, it really feels like summer — and vacation season — is coming to a close. Who says you need to cash in all your vacation days at once?

Why a three-day weekend may be better for your mental health than a longer vacation

Imagine if every week were four days long? While many people may argue against it, these pro-shorter work week benefits may just cause you to rethink your beliefs To many work ethic devotees, the thought of a four-day work week may sound preposterous. To these pro-work advocates, the route to health and happiness lies in putting in as much time in the office as possible. But what if the weekend were three days long?

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Three day weekends are the best. The new study from Oxford University found that employees working 4-day weeks every week were happier, more motivated, that they made more sales, and that they procrastinated less. None of this is surprising, at least not for how it relates to my own work life. The world of online publishing never sleeps. So what exactly did the study find? Lindsay Dodgson of Business Insider reports:.

A glorious three-day weekend has arrived for most "knowledge workers," that euphemistic term for those of us who spend our days hunched over a keyboard, eyes locked for hours at a time on the screen ahead. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Vacation ideas: Hop a plane to Iceland — For U. Hide Caption.

Until , US workers worked six days a week. The five day work week continued to grow in popularity through , when Ford became the first major employer to adopt the schedule. From then on, the five day work week became a standard. The five day work week is supposed to consist of eight hour days, ultimately creating the 40 hour week for full-time employees. Many millennials even refuse to leave the office, despite being done with their work and hitting 40 hours, out of fear of being seen as replaceable. Which is why the trend of millennial work martyrs continues to grow.

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