Tate publishing class action lawsuit

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tate publishing class action lawsuit

THE Group for Authors! - Writers Circle: Tate Publishing??? I need some input to make a decision. Showing 1-50 of 461

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Published 31.12.2018

Tate Chronicles EPISODE 1: Why?

Vanity publishers sentenced on Wednesday to suspended terms, but ordered to make restitution

For the best current information, go here:. They investigate, and if they can't get contact with Tate Lord knows they won't since no one can , then I win. The money will be returned to me. I don't know how other credit card companies handle disputes, but I will always use Discover if they get my money back You can read the whole thing there, but here are few tidbits:.

Whispers and Warnings. The Tate family felons were original charged with an insultingly low number of crimes considering the number of victims they left in their wake. By the time the plea agreement was reached, the charges had increased to 38 felonies and 6 misdemeanors…which, in my opinion, was still incredibly low considering the thousands of complaints the Oklahoma Attorney General received from victims. If more victims come forward, the amount due to victims will increase. What nobody seems to be mentioning is that Richard Tate is 71 years old. Why did the Attorney General give him until the age of 91 to pay?! That is ludicrous!!

United States District Court, E. Editors Note Applicable Law: 17 U. This matter was set for oral argument on November 1, Cameron Sehat appeared telephonically for Plaintiff. Defendants did not appear at the hearing.

Ask The Expert. How can I get my books from Tate Publishing? I paid for the publishing and editing.
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I can't quite get a comment out of my head and onto the page; I just keep reading the attachments and "flipping" through the uncorrected manuscript shaking my head Hmm, it looks like the BBB is reviewing Tate Publishing's rating, but that also means all of the complaints are hidden. I see Tate Music still has an A- rating though. Isn't that a conflict of interest? It promises to be a fascinating meeting. I'm sorry to hear that these scams still work. If they're getting money from authors, they don't need to get money from readers.

File photo by Emmy Verdin. They could not be contacted for comment Tuesday. The family allegedly used the money inappropriately for dining and entertainment at casinos, the report said. Many complainants are still just finding out about the court case. My book got published, that was it.

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