Snug harbor haunted house staten island

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snug harbor haunted house staten island

Haunted History of Staten Island: Stories of Mysterious People & Places in New Yorks Richmond County by Lynda Lee Macken

Im pleased that Ms. Macken chose to continue the story of Magda Hamilton that she began in Ghostly Gotham. I was curious about what happened to her. Haunted History of Staten Island covers the colorful supernatural hot spots on Staten Island, at least the ones with which Im familiar, plus a few more that were new to me. However, she didnt cover the ghosts of the Greenbelt or the old Farm Colony or Seaview Hospital or the legend of Cropsey.

The book is well-written, better than Ghostly Gotham. Its an entertaining read for anyone curious about Staten Islands history, both earthly and supernatural. Staten Island has a long history with the supernatural world, dating back to the indigenous Lenne Lenape people, and the Dutch and English settlers. Trust me, I live here. This place is weird!
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Snug Harbor Staten Island off the beaten path paranormal and dave delise

The site is considered Staten Island's "crown jewel" [5] and "an incomparable remnant of New York's 19th-century seafaring past. Snug Harbor was founded through a bequest after the death of Revolutionary War soldier and ship master Captain Robert Richard Randall , namesake of the nearby neighborhood of Randall Manor. Randall left his country estate in Manhattan , bounded by Fifth Avenue, Broadway, 10th Street, and the southern side of 8th Street adjacent to what is now Washington Square , to build an institution to care for "aged, decrepit and worn-out" seamen.
Lynda Lee Macken

13 of Staten Island's most haunted places (updated)

Lauren Steussy lsteussy siadvance. Explore the spookiest spots on the borough. Sure Halloween is all fun and games and costumes and tricks and treats. Until it comes to the real spooky stuff. And here on Staten Island, there's a lot of that. The borough actually is something of a paranormal destination, with historically haunted homes and landmarks. Explore at your own risk.

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The crews hear phantom noises, and Zak and Nick discover a shadow lurking in the darkness. Ghosts included in this location seem to include a Matron who's illegitimate mentally disabled son had stabbed her to death in order to escape being locked and chained in the Matron's basement before being Lynched by local residents.

It is open to visitors, many of whom have reported seeing apparitions while on the grounds. A lady in white has even appeared in photographs taken in the area. There is also a cottage on the grounds, The Matron's Cottage, or Matron's House, that is rumored to be haunted. Many have reported strange occurrences inside the home including doors opening and closing by themselves and objects moving on their own. Chains have also been heard rattling in the basement.

Matron's House at Snug Harbor. It is believed that she now haunts the house and its surrounding grounds in Livingston. Balthasar Kreischer, a wealthy 19th-century brick manufacturer, built twin mansions for his sons, Edward and Charles, on the top of the hill off Arthur Kill Road in Charleston. In the s, the house on the right burned down, and the remaining house, the site of a mob slaying in , has long been rumored to be haunted. Wundram Photo. Visitors to the Kreischer Mansion have told of strange happenings in the Charleston house, including odd clanging noises and weeping that carries through the halls late at night. Some say they've seen a ghost couple haunting the grounds, believed to be Edward Kreischer and his wife.

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  1. The borough is full of haunted places, cemeteries and homes. structures on the grounds of Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden in Livingston.

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