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Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

Evangelicals have been living on the periphery of responsible intellectual existence. The average Christian does not realize that there is an intellectual war going on in the universities and in the professional journals and scholarly societies. Christianity is being attacked from all sides as irrational or outmoded, and millions of students, our future generation of leaders have absorbed this viewpoint. This is a war which we cannot afford to lose.... In addition to serving, like the rest of theology in general, as an expression of our loving God with all our minds, apologetics specifically serves to show to unbelievers the truth of the Christian faith, to confirm that faith to believers, and to reveal and explore the connections between Christian doctrine and other truths.... Apologetics... is a theoretical discipline that tries to answer the question, What rational defense can be given for the Christian faith?

This book by respected philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig has been thoroughly revised and updated to equip believers in the successful proclamation of biblical truth claims. The author gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: How Do I Know Christianity Is True?, The Absurdity of Life Without God, The Existence of God, The Problem of Miracles, and The Resurrection of Jesus.

An invaluable scholarly resource for all committed defenders of the Christian faith.
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Published 31.12.2018

Ehrman vs Craig: Evidence for Resurrection

Summary: In the March 11, episode of The Dividing Line, James White offers an analysis of the discussion between Dr. William Lane.
William Lane Craig

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Recent pro-life legislation in certain US states has reignited the debate about access to abortion. In the UK activists are lobbying for abortion to be decriminalised in Northern Ireland. So, is abortion a healthcare …. Is doubt the enemy of faith? He engages with ex-believer Andrew Whyte, whose doubts led him to ….

December 18, Dr. January 8, J. Wartick summarizes Dr. January 29, Dr. James Anderson of Reformed Theological Seminary formulated and published an argument against Molinism on the issue of fallibility in this blog post here. May 4, Dr.

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Do we live on a young or an old earth? Ken Ham vs Jeff Zweerink

Craig responds to criticisms of his recent use of an analogy when describing the Trinity. How are we to handle various attempts at illustrations and analogies of this crucial doctrine? Kevin Harris: Dr. Craig, from time to time we not only respond to questions that people send us but we respond to various criticisms that we might encounter on the web or that we receive in various ways. What I'm referring to is an analogy that you gave of the Trinity that came under attack from our friend Dr.

And the angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush. He looked, and behold, the bush was burning, yet it was not consumed. I try not to publish response articles on the Collective as a regular habit. However, there are times where I sense a burden to, hopefully with grace, respond to brothers in Christ whom I feel have misrepresented albeit by accident other brothers. The purpose of these posts is to edify the body of Christ while encouraging dialogue.

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  1. Here you can directly contrast the views of Dr. James White with those of Dr. William Lane Craig. View James White's criticisms of Dr. Craig alongside relevant .

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