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cal newport ted talk deep work

Books by Cal Newport (Author of Deep Work)

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Published 31.12.2018

Quit social media - Dr. Cal Newport - TEDxTysons

I recently gave a deliberatively provocative TEDx talk titled “quit social .. “ craftsman” approaches to social media in Deep Work to be much.
Cal Newport

Talk to Your Boss About Deep Work

You probably don't realize that right now, you're actually looking at something quite rare. Because I am a millennial computer scientist book author standing on a TEDx stage, and yet, I've never had a social media account. How this happened was actually somewhat random. Social media first came onto my radar when I was at college, my sophomore year of college, this is when Facebook arrived at our campus. And at the time, which was right after the first dotcom bust, I had had a dorm room business, I'd had to shut it down in the bust, and then, suddenly, this other kid from Harvard, named Mark, had this product called Facebook and people being excited about it.

Minimalism Made More-ish

That's a term coined by Cal Newport, an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University and the bestselling author of books including, most recently, " Deep Work. On a recent episode of The James Altucher Show , Newport discussed the perils of the any-benefit approach and how it can sabotage your career. In other words, you think it makes sense to use Facebook because it helps your social life or your career: You can keep in touch with old friends or post links to the articles you write. But Newport says Facebook can also be a huge distraction from writing, or researching, or whatever kind of focused "deep" work you'd like to be doing. When you weigh the benefits against the costs, it probably makes sense to eliminate social media from your life — even though it provides some benefit. Adopt a tool only if its positive impacts on these factors substantially outweigh its negative impacts.

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