Across five aprils main characters

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across five aprils main characters

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

Do they make kids books like this sort anymore? Real and real painful. Across Five Aprils was required reading in 6th grade and it was as if the teachers were saying Lifes a bitch, get used to it.

I remember this as eloquently rendered and high-minded, gut-wrenching drama when I read it way back then. Mind you, I also thought TVs The Waltons was the height of drama, so maybe my opinion is a bit skewed on the subject.

Just the same, Across Five Aprils, the story of brothers torn apart by the America Civil War, did win the Newbery, so it mustve been doing something right. The story is told from the perspective of the youngest son watching his older brothers go off to war. Like the town they live in, most are pro-Union, but one of them sides with the Confederacy, and so he and the family suffer. Its a large family with daughters embroiled in their own private war of romance and love held in check.

I recall the ending feeling a bit slapped on for happiness sake and that a happy ending that made sense in the context of the story to that point wouldve felt more natural, if a happy ending must happen that is. Perhaps Hunt or her publisher felt like theyd beaten up the psyche of us kids enough to that point.

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Across Five Aprils: A Time to Choose (Accessible Preview)

Across Five Aprils

All rights reserved. Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist Character Clues. Now this is a story all about howJeth's life got twisted upside down. And that's how you spit i

Dave Burdow is the father of Travis Burdow, who killed Mary Creighton when she was on her way back from a dance. He is hated by the local people for being the father of Travis, as well as for being the son of a reputed horse-thief. The Burdows are generally despised as a feckless and trouble-making family. After Bill Creighton goes to fight for the South, angering some local people, Dave Burdow redeems himself by protecting Jethro from an angry mob. He lives with the Creighton household.

Hunt published her first book, Across Five Aprils, at age She researched the historical facts and integrated stories that were told to her by her grandfather. The Creighton family was documented in those stories and in letters and records. Like Jethro, the book's protagonist, her grandfather was only nine when the Civil War erupted, so Hunt used him as a vehicle through which to imagine what a family must have gone through at that time. The first chapter begins by presenting Ellen Creighton with her son, Jethro, planting potatoes. Ellen has twelve children from which four died the year Jethro was born.

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Read an in-depth analysis of Jethro Creighton. Read an in-depth analysis of Jenny Creighton. Read an in-depth analysis of Ross Milton. Read an in-depth analysis of Bill Creighton. Across Five Aprils by: Irene Hunt.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. This is the coming of age story of Jethro, the protagonist, during the Civil War. Jethro has many hurdles along the way, including the death of a family member, and the ever fated loss of innocence at the end of his coming of age. Jenny is the sister of Jethro with whom he suffers through the war with. They are the only two of their brothers and sisters who are not fighting in the war, so they are all that they have. The teacher and friend of Jethro and the love interest of Jenny, Shadrach is a pivotal character as he is one of the main people that connect Jethro and Jenny together. Shadrach and Jenny later wed, and Jethro moves in with them.

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