Hindu creation story rig veda

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hindu creation story rig veda

The Rig Veda by Wendy Doniger

The earliest of the four Hindu religious scriptures known as the Vedas, and the first extensive composition to survive in any Indo-European language, the Rig Veda is a collection of over 1000 individual Sanskrit hymns. A work of intricate beauty, it provides a unique insight into early Indian mythology, religion and culture. This selection of 18 of the hymns, chosen for their eloquence and wisdom, focuses on the enduring themes of creation, sacrifice, death, women, the sacred plant soma and the gods. Inspirational and profound, it provides a fascinating introduction to one of the founding texts of Hindu scripture, an awesome and venerable ancient work of Vedic ritual, prayer, philosophy, legend and faith.
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Hindu creation story

The Song of Creation

This blog is taking a short sabbatical while I deal with more pressing commitments and generally get a handle on my life :. Not even nothing existed then No air yet, nor a heaven. Who encased and kept it where? Neither deathlessness nor decay No, nor the rhythm of night and day. The self-existent breathed without air That, and that alone was there.

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Nasadiya Sukta - The Big Bang - The Creation Hymn - The RigVeda

Forgot password? Don't have an account? In creation myths, the problem of the beginning of life out of non-life is addressed at three levels: creation of the universe, of the human race, or of the individual human being, the embryo. Hinduism, and the Rig Veda in particular, offers no one, single theory of creation. Instead, there is the paradox of mutual creation whereby Aditi and Daksha create one another. By the dharma of the gods, two births can be mutually productive of one another, yet the earth born from the crouching divinity is also said to be born from the quarters of the sky that are born from her.

Modern Science is unable to explain the process of creation as of now. The Big bang theory and Steady State theory have many loop holes and they do not appeal to everybody. Anyways, I will not discuss Modern theories of creation here. I am going to state what Vedas say about creation. Vedas are the sacred text of Hinduism , just like Bible for Christanity. Creation has many aspects, and it is not possible to talk about them in this article, so I will talk only about different phases of creation.

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