Cairo to cape town motorcycle

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cairo to cape town motorcycle

Trans Africa 62 by Neville Williams

Cairo to Cape Town by Motorcycle

This is a vintage travel adventure that took place in 1962 as two 19-year-old neighbors and high school classmates from Ohio embarked on a journey of a lifetime: a motorcycle journey from Cairo, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa.

The pair visited most of the ancient ruins of the Nile Valley, slept atop the Great Pyramid, traversed the wild Sudan, climbed the Mountain of the Moon, encountered wild and remote tribes, rode among the animals in the Serengeti during the great migrations, and witnessed colonial Africa prior to the enormous changes that were to come.

This is a memoir of a vanished Africa, as well as an illuminating story of Africa today, based on the authors ongoing visits in later years. The personal narrative covers politics, history, and the wonder of experiencing this vast continent on two wheels for 15,000 miles over African roads.
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Cairo - Cape Town - 28 Days on a Royal Enfield

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Neville Williams

SA biker does Cairo to Cape Town - in a week!

The good news is that there are various ways to embark on such a kickass African road trip. Image source. Nowadays, it can be done via various professional expedition tours offered by African touring companies. Some touring companies even offer assisted bike trips, scheduling day tours to the Pyramids at Giza or the Nile River, while their staff handles cross-country clearances for tourists. Just make sure that you do the necessary research and preparations not just to keep yourself safe, but also to ensure that you know which places to visit. Kilimanjaro in the background. However you decide to do it, try not to hurry.

Here you have the map of my new project to cross Africa by bike alone and without sponsor from Cairo in Egypt to Cape Town in South Africa. The itinerary is indicative and will be adapted in each country or area as I go. One day, when I was still working at the airport, I began to make a list of the things I would like to do in life. One of them was crossing Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. I hope to make this trip till the end, but if not, I will not regret not having tried! The first book tells the story of a French couple who crossed Africa walking and the second, the story of 2 friends who rode their bicycles around the world. I always liked to go by bike.

This is one of our most popular "long" Adventures that follow the ancient Silk Road from Turkey to China. To see if you qualify to take part in this Adventure and to make a reservation please write to us. Southern Africa has so much to offer a adventure rider and we have put it all together in a 37 days journey. As always on any of GlobeRiders Adventures you will be riding your own bike while we take care of the logistics. For pricing and additional information click Here. In the year of GlobeRiders conducted the first long distance adventure by motorcycle.

Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt: Ride this diverse and rugged continent that has drawn explorers and adventurers the world over for centuries and become part of the adventure. If incredible wildlife encounters, world-beating antiquities, ever-changing landscapes and utterly fascinating diversity of peoples, all experienced through a motorbike tour is your thing, then Africa is your continent.
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This Way Up - Cape to Cairo by Motorcycle

South Africa is blessed with great natural beauty and unforgettable landscapes. There is no better place to start the tour than in laid back Cape Town, with iconic Table Mountain as our backdrop. Whether we choose to head north via the picturesque East or West Coast of South Africa - you won't be disappointed. Our route north takes us through the unique Namaqualand region and soon we reach the Orange river, the border with Namibia. Namibia is a country full of contrasts, magnificent natural beauty and with some of the best gravel rides of the entire tour. On our way north we experience the grandeur of the Fish River Canyon, Namib Desert at Sossusvlei, German colonial culture in the town of Swakopmund, iconic Spitzkoppe Mountains and several other great destination before we swing due east through the lush Caprivi pan handle towards Zambia and the Victoria Falls.

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  1. Cape Town - It took three tries, but Andrew Thabo Russell has finally for the fastest time between Cairo and Cape Town on a motorcycle.

  2. Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt: Ride this diverse and rugged continent that has drawn explorers and adventurers the world over for centuries and.

  3. But you're understandably scared – how doable is the motorbike journey from Cairo to Cape Town? The good news is that there are various.

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