Lego batman 2 level 2 walkthrough

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lego batman 2 level 2 walkthrough

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Game Guide & Walkthrough: The Complete Official Guide by Fredborini Suaso

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Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes: Level 2/Harboring a Criminal Trophy/Achievement - HTG

Minikit Guide - Chapter 2

Last update : May 11, , visit Walkthrough. Last update : May 11, , visit Minikits. Last update : February 1, , visit Other. Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide. The line includes five construction sets, such as The Batcave and three buildable, detailed action figures.

Joker's Speedboat Mini-kit Required Characters: Cyborg First destroy the large golden spotlight to the right to find this mini-kit. After getting Batman's Power Suit, destroy the spotlight in the far left. Reassemble it to become a silver cart then follow the grail of gold coins until a mini-kit appears. Destroy the silver pipes to the left of the entrance to reveal this minikit. Destroy the first four blue billboards scattered around the first area.

As stated before, this game requires a minimum of two playthroughs. Most of the collectibles in story missions cannot be unlocked outside of Free Play. We will play through the story first on this playthrough, getting as much as we can out of each level. You can of course ignore all collectibles in this playthrough if you wish, obtaining them all on your second playthrough. With each level, the Citizens in Peril, Minikits and various other interesting points will be noted. Use the Free Play walkthrough for the list of all collectibles, including which characters you need to obtain them. Before you move, grab a second controller, press Start and play this in co-op.

1. Walkthrough overview

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Stop the Joker

In this mission you have to repair the chopper to do it you will have to find three parts. First of them is just near the chopper. Use the bricks on the ground and after that move left and throw Batarang at two grippers above the doors picture. When they fall down get inside, destroy the machine and use bricks to create platform with power suit for Batman. In this suit you can use rockets to destroy silver bricks. Move to the searchlight standing on the right corner and destroy it in this way picture. Use bricks to build platform with magnetic suit for Robin.

Here, you will find information on every level, every collectible, and most importantly, every achievement. The game does become a bit of a grind for the completion, but all the information you will need is displayed in a user-friendly fashion. We will start off with the story. Complete all 15 levels before doing anything else. This is advised, as you will unlock some important characters during the story. Superman, Cyborg, The Flash and Green Lantern are all very useful characters, who will help speed up the process of defeating bosses, obtaining collectibles, and unlocking achievements later.

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