Snow white in new york lesson plan

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snow white in new york lesson plan

Snow White in New York by Fiona French

Pulsating with the rhythm and vibrancy of the Jazz Age, this dazzling picture book is set in New York City in the 1920s. The story may be familiar, but the cast of characters will surprise you. Snow White is a beautiful jazz baby, protected by seven hot jazzmen. Instead of a wicked stepmother, her arch-enemy is the Queen of the Underworld. And her Prince Charming is a crack reporter from the New York Mirror. The breezy and clever text complements the style and color of the art deco illustrations, making this a picture book of astonishing originality. This winner of The Kate Greenaway Medal is at last available in paperback.
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Snow White In New York

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a beloved story that can be useful in primary classrooms. Look closely at the story and you will find a multitude of ways you can incorporate the princess and her friends into your curriculum. As you move from situation to situation, ask your students thought provoking questions to bring out the lessons in the story. Lessons about vanity, acceptance, trusting strangers and helping someone in need are just a few of the lessons that can be drawn from Snow White. Encourage students to read the story.

However, it is easy enough to find this story in cleaned-up versions for the younger ones. The basic story is familiar to most of us. The girl, Snow White, escapes to a cottage in the woods where she lives under the care of seven little men. The wicked stepmother makes several attempts to kill the girl, and eventually manages to put her into a death-like coma. The little men put Snow White into a glass coffin. She is awakened by the kiss of a prince, marries him, and lives happily ever after. Nonetheless, there are some alternate versions available for comparison:.

Snow White. Phelan introduces the climax of the novel at the very beginning, revealing to readers a sleeping Snow White in her glass coffin.
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Passionate about picturebooks. Welcome to my blog about picturebooks in ELT. As an art form it hinges on the interdependence of pictures and words, on the simultaneous display of two facing pages, and on the drama of the turning page. My intention is to discuss picturebooks, in particular the pictures in them! Because, in ELT we tend to select picturebooks because they contain words our students might know. I plan to write something a couple of times a month, sharing what I discover in my readings; describe new titles I come across; discuss particular illustrators and their styles and generally promote the picture in picturebooks. Post a Comment.


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