Football is more than a game

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football is more than a game

More Than Just A Game: Football V Apartheid by Chuck Korr

If you have any interest in football, politics, and/or South Africa, or indeed if you have any passing interest in what sustains the human spirit in the face of adversity, this is well worth a read. It tells the story of the less famous prisoners on Robben Island, and how sport in general and football in particular, became a unifying factor in the lives of the prisoners, helping to shape them for the new South Africa to come. It is especially interesting that they used FIFAs rules as a rigorous framework for their endeavours, looking to the international governing body as a model of good practice in sportsmanship and fairness... its a shame FIFA now is seen as a byword for corruption and cronyism (including the way that they behaved re the contracts, sponsorship and economic impact on South Africa re the 2010 World Cup). The author betrays his academic origins in the style of writing, but this slightly detached approach does serve to free it of any cloying sentimentality... An excellent read.
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This is Football 2017/18 - Not Just a Game

Explore the world of football, its role in the world today, finances, clubs, nations, rivalries and much more. The massive open online course Football: More than a Game can be accessed on the FutureLearn platform.
Chuck Korr

Football: More than a Game (credit & non-credit)

Karim Mousa grew up in Abu Dhabi. Despite the distance, he supported — and continues to support — the UK-based football club, Liverpool FC. As he reached his late teens, he was faced with the significant decision of where to go to university. He had an ingenious idea. Having never visited the UK and yet to see his team play on home turf, he applied for a mechanical engineering degree at Liverpool University with a couple of equally football-mad friends.

An astonishing thing happened a few weeks ago. Three finalists from the same country is the best that has been managed: starting with Germany in , then Italy in and , and Spain in and
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The Beautiful Game - Football is life - Oh My Goal

Not going to lie, this one is a bit difficult to put into words guys. First off, I have to thank the coaches that I had the opportunity to play under in my six years of football. Their passion, dedication, knowledge, and encouragement throughout all the years sculpted me into the man I am now! As I pursue my coaching career I hope that I can be all that you have been to me. I think every football player can testify that football impacted his life. What many do not realize is how much football affects one-off the field rather than on it.

Football, as even the least interested will have observed, is more than a game. It is a billion-dollar business; but it is also more than a business. It is a vehicle for mostly benign nationalisms that not only heal internal divisions within nations, but bring the countries of the world together. The answer to the apparent success of the anti-immigrant National Front in France, for example, is to point to the national fervour for a team many of whose best players are immigrants or the sons of immigrants. The World Cup is also the only truly global cultural experience, watched in more countries than there are members of the United Nations. That said, however, we should not lose sight of the game itself. The simplicity of it explains much of the extent of its appeal — the skills and lack of equipment required mean that the world's greatest players are as likely to emerge from a South America favela or an African shanty town as from the suburbs of London E4 Chigwell, that is, original home of David Beckham.

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  1. Nothing brings people together more than a World Cup. Football is said to have the power to bring people together, regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, or nationality, and that is never truer than at the World Cup. During the World Cup, fans from the same country unite.

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