October road season 1 episode 5

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october road season 1 episode 5

Mystery on October Road by Alison Cragin Herzig

Judging by Scott Gladdens evocative cover illustration of a girl fleeing a spooky house with a jack-o-lantern in her hands, a large dog looking forlornly out the window, I expected Mystery on October Road to be a tense, high-stakes sort of juvenile mystery. Instead, its more the kind of book Ann M. Martin or Pamela Curtis Swallow would write, a simple, realistic story that reveals surprising truth about the complexity of human beings. Ten-year-old Catherine Cooper (known as Casey) and her friend Catherine Cooney (called Cats) are intrigued by the man who moves in next-door to Caseys house. He owns two dogs that are so huge Casey and Cats hardly believe theyre dogs, and he always wears a bandanna over his face. Why does he want to conceal his mouth and nose? The man rarely sets foot outside, but late at night Casey sees light emanating from his basement. She almost feels sad for him, living alone with his monstrous dogs, but her fear is stronger than her sympathy, and Cats feels the same way. Could the new neighbor be some kind of criminal?

Casey and Cats want an excuse to go to the mans house and look around, and that excuse comes in the form of homemade bread baked by Caseys mother for the new neighbor. The offering doesnt get them inside his house, though, and the mans gruff attitude reinforces their suspicion that hes hiding something. Cats asks Benny Dilmers, a boy from school, to run surveillance and find out if the neighbor is conducting illegal business in his basement. Casey would rather hang out just with Cats, but Benny owns a quality set of binoculars that will enable them to spy from a safe distance. After more observation yields nothing new, Benny decides its time to sneak into the neighbors basement and see whats down there. Casey has a bad feeling about this.

The basement turns out not to be a chamber of horrors when Casey, Cats, and Benny slip in through an open window. The man—John Smith, according to a nameplate on a box—has little in the basement besides a woodworking project and tools to carve wood into intricate designs. The three kids panic when Mr. Smiths van pulls up outside. Cats and Benny squeeze back through the window and out of sight, but Casey falls and hurts her ankle. She watches in terror as Mr. Smith enters the basement with his dogs, angry at having his home invaded. Casey wanted the truth about him, but not under these circumstances. As it turns out, Mr. Smith is a normal man with a tragic story, not a crazy criminal that Casey or her friends should fear. He has good reason not to show his face in public, and a bit of mutual understanding and compassion might help him and Casey become amicable neighbors, if not quite friends. But can Mr. Smith forgive her for breaking into his home? The man has a talent that makes him unique, and he just might put it to use on Halloween night in a gesture that shows he has no hard feelings toward Casey. Mr. Smith is going to be an interesting neighbor.

Alison Cragin Herzig and Jane Lawrence Mali teamed up for numerous books, including Oh, Boy! Babies!, which won the 1981 National Book Award for childrens nonfiction. Mystery on October Road doesnt feel like the work of an award-winning duo, but its main strength is uncompromising realism. As with most actual childhood adventures, its brief—only fifty-seven pages—and theres no neat happy ending with everything solved. That lends the narrative an authenticity I value. If youve been on the giving or receiving end of hurtful suspicion based on appearance, youll get something out of this book. At Halloween or any time of year, Mystery on October Road is a good read.
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Alison Cragin Herzig

October Road - Forever. Until Now Synopsis and Schedule

October Road completed airing its second season on ABC, but was not renewed for a third season. Upon hearing of the cancellation, the show's creators co-wrote a minute series finale and filmed it with the cast; [7] the finale was released on May 5, , as a special feature on the season 2 DVD. Nick Garrett Bryan Greenberg left home ten years ago to go backpacking in Europe for a few weeks—and the brief trip ended up lasting for a decade. Garrett is now a famous author and screenwriter living in New York City. Between the parties, social engagements, and living in a beautiful loft-style apartment, Garrett is suffering writer's block while working on his next story. His agent books him to do a one-day writing seminar at the local college in his picturesque hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts. Nick is excited about coming home, but realizes the feeling isn't completely mutual although his family and most of his friends welcome him back effusively.

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