Why is donald trump such an asshole

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why is donald trump such an asshole

Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump by Aaron James

That Donald Trump is an asshole is a fact widely agreed upon even by his supporters, who actually like that about him. But his startling political rise makes the question of just what sort of asshole he is, and how his assholedom may help to explain his success, one not just of philosophical interest but of almost existential urgency.
Enter the philosopher Aaron James, author of the foundational text in the burgeoning field of Asshole Studies: the bestselling Assholes: A Theory. In this brisk and trenchant inquiry into the phenomenon that is Donald Trump, James places the man firmly in the typology of the asshole (takes every advantage, entrenched sense of entitlement, immune to criticism); considers whether, in the Hobbesian world we seem to inhabit, he might not somehow be a force for good i.e., the Stronger Asshole; and offers a suggestion for how the bonds of our social contract, spectacularly broken by Trump s (and Ted Cruz s) disdain for democratic civility, might in time be repaired.
You will never think about Donald Trump the same way after reading this book. And, like it or not, think about him we must.
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Published 29.12.2018

Robert De Niro slams Trump: ‘He’s still an idiot’

Since riding down a golden escalator to announce his candidacy for office, Donald Trump has angrily blathered ad nauseam about America getting ripped off. In addition to charges that the president used charitable donations to pay off golf debts and acquire portraits of himself, hundreds of liens, lawsuits, and judgements have accused the former real-estate developer of failing to pay people for their work, including dishwashers, plumbers, waiters, bartenders, real-estate brokers, and law firms. My obligation right now is to do well for myself, my family, my employees, for my companies.
Aaron James

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A couple of weeks ago I scoffed at the notion that everyone was claiming Joe Biden was the most electable Democrat. But guess what? It kinda looks like he is:. At the moment, Biden is the only Democrat beating Trump in a head-to-head matchup by more than a point or two. Kevin Drum.

The book's title in the U. In corporate America, if you are ambitious, or if you just want to go for the big money, it more than helps to be an asshole. To become an asshole, Kihn builds a team, consisting of an acting coach, life coach and both personal and dog trainer — to help "master the art of assholism. I'd spent a lifetime seeing therapists and psychiatrists, and following things like The Warrior Diet. I guess I wanted to parody those types of books and move away from the whiny, self-centred, introspective stuff towards real action. In the end, he is successful.

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He wants to spend money on a wall, he's a racist, he hates immigrants, he's against gay marriage, among other things, why the hell was this prick elected. He is a narcissist that has never had anyone challenge him in his whole life. - I am quite sincerely: not a fan of Donald Trump. I am no closet conservative.

We live in an age of Assholes. We live in an age in which our political system seems constantly to be conspiring to elevate the worst people imaginable. Donald Trump, who had spent his whole life being publicly thoughtless and racist and misogynistic and being subject to rape allegations and bullying people on television and profiting directly off human misery, only needed to so much as announce that he would be seeking the Republican nomination for president for his rise to mount inexorably: at one point during the election, he even stopped to admire the force of his momentum by declaring that he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and still not lose any voters. Meanwhile, in the UK last week, we were treated to the spectacle of Tory Member of Parliament Mark Field, being filmed literally assaulting a female protester at a black-tie event, grabbing her by the neck and bundling her out of the room, while a room full of his colleagues looked on approvingly. The following day, The Guardian reported that police had been called to the address of Boris Johnson, runaway favorite to succeed Theresa May as Tory party leader and thus as Prime Minister, after neighbors tipped them off over an alleged incident of domestic violence. This sort of scandal might still be enough to sink most politicians — but Johnson, who first rose to prominence by playing a sort of upper-class idiot character on a topical panel show , is already seeking high office on the back of a record of clownish failure in basically every aspect of public life he has pursued to date.

The latter scenario is simply a tragic farce for everyone involved. Over the weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat from Massachusetts, became the first of the Democratic presidential contenders to call for impeachment. The Mueller report outlines a portrait of a man completely unsuitable as the protector of the Constitution and arbiter of national security. The Mueller report outlines a portrait of a man completely unsuitable as the protector of the Constitution and arbiter of national security, a leader wholly unable to separate the good of our country from his own business interests, so lacking a moral compass that he would be unfit to lead a publicly traded company or possess a low-level government security clearance. In both cases—one investigated by Mueller, the latter prosecuted by the Southern District of New York—it now seems likely that Trump would have faced personal criminal indictment but for the fact that he is the president of the United States. Yet if he was wholly innocent, his post-election coddling and cuddling-up with Putin seems all the more odd.

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  1. Trump's Limo Driver of 25 Years Confirms He's an Unrepentant Asshole Since , Trump's companies have been cited 24 times for violations of the . Some members of President Donald Trump's exclusive Florida clubs.

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