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its complicated mzansi magic cast

Black Diamond by Zakes Mda

Kristin Uys is a tough Roodepoort magistrate who lives alone with her cat. She is on a one-woman crusade to wipe out prostitution in the town for reasons that have personal significance for her. Although she is unable to convict the Visagie Brothers, Stevo and Shortie, on charges of running a brothel, she manages to nail Stevo for contempt of court and gives him a summary six-month sentence.

From Diepkloof Prison, the outraged Stevo orchestrates his revenge against the magistrate, aided and abetted by his rather inept brother Shortie and his erstwhile nanny, Aunt Magda, who believes mass action will force the powers that be to release Stevo.

Kristin receives menacing phone calls and her home is invaded and vandalised. Even her cat is threatened. The chief magistrate insists on assigning a bodyguard to protect her. To Kristin’s consternation, security guard Don Mateza moves into her home and trails her everywhere. Nor does this suit Don’s long-time girlfriend Tumi, former model and successful businesswoman, who is intent on turning Don into a Black Diamond sooner rather than later. And Don soon finds that his new assignment has unexpected complications which Tumi simply does not understand.

In Black Diamond, Zakes Mda tackles every conceivable South African stereotype, skilfully (and with the lightest touch) turning them upside down and exposing their ironies, often hilariously. This is a clever, quirky novel that captures the essence of contemporary life in Gauteng and will resonate with all South Africans.
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it's complicated (short film)

With seven young, sexy main characters, it is bound to get complicated. Ncgobo and Shale said viewers can expect to laugh, cry, be shocked and recognise themselves or others in the characters.
Zakes Mda

‘It’s Complicated’ confirmed for Season 2, set to debut in October

The explosive debut season entrenched itself in the TV-watching psyche so much that Mzansi held its collective breath with each episode to see what would unfold between Ipeleng and her long time on-off boyfriend Thatho, as well as the motley crew of friends and family in the form of Mandisa, Vumani, Thabang, Matli and Ntandokazi. Last season ended with Thato marrying Ntandokazi against dizzying odds, and a heartbroken Ipeleng throwing caution to the wind and straying from her good girl character. And the best part? The pregnancy bomb! The new season picks up just over four months after all the drama and truth bombs. Could a couple that was on the brink of a break-up so close to their wedding survive the challenges that they — and their extended family — keep heaping on them? Did they get married too soon?

This drama series follows the lives of seven Jozi characters who are dealt with life challenges while they are busy making plans. Confronted with the choices of love and marriage, family and friendship, loyalty and expectation, they face off against the future. The story begins with perfectionist Ipeleng questioning her seven year relationship with Mr nice guy, Thato. She is pressured by her mother to get married and fears that time is running out. As Ipeleng and Thato search for answers, so does girl next door Mandisa who quits her steady job to follow a dream. Her bold move weighs heavily on her relationship with her live-in boyfriend, hustler Thabang, whose promising potential must now translate into real tangible success. Can true love survive against all odds?

Could a couple that was on the brink of a break-up so close to their wedding survive the challenges that they - and their extended family — keep heaping on them? Did they get married too soon? Did they do it for the right reasons? And will they see things through for better or for worse? Shows in this post: It's Complicated. Channels in this post: Mzansi Magic.

It's Complicated Season II, is a relationship drama that follows the lives of a group Mzansi brings you another thrilling season of the popular drama It's Actors.
a brush with death a penny brannigan mystery

Ipeleng is in trouble - her life and the life of the baby she loves hang in the balance. Meanwhile, Thabang's prospects are looking up, he just needs to land the contract. Ntando's actions has a devastating and tragic consequence.




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