Giant skeletons found in florida

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giant skeletons found in florida

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up by Richard J. Dewhurst

A study of the substantial evidence for a former race of giants in North America and its 150-year suppression by the Smithsonian Institution

• Shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been found, particularly in the Mississippi Valley, as well as the ruins of the giants’ cities

• Explores 400 years of giant finds, including newspaper articles, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports

• Reveals the Stonehenge-era megalithic burial complex on Catalina Island with over 4,000 giant skeletons, including kings more than 9 feet tall

• Includes more than 100 rare photographs and illustrations of the lost evidence

Drawing on 400 years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, Richard J. Dewhurst reveals not only that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants but also that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the physical evidence for nearly 150 years. He shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been unearthed at Mound Builder sites across the continent, only to disappear from the historical record. He examines other concealed giant discoveries, such as the giant mummies found in Spirit Cave, Nevada, wrapped in fine textiles and dating to 8000 BCE; the hundreds of red-haired bog mummies found at sinkhole “cenotes” on the west coast of Florida and dating to 7500 BCE; and the ruins of the giants’ cities with populations in excess of 100,000 in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Dewhurst shows how this suppression began shortly after the Civil War and transformed into an outright cover-up in 1879 when Major John Wesley Powell was appointed Smithsonian director, launching a strict pro-evolution, pro-Manifest Destiny agenda. He also reveals the 1920s’ discovery on Catalina Island of a megalithic burial complex with 6,000 years of continuous burials and over 4,000 skeletons, including a succession of kings and queens, some more than 9 feet tall--the evidence for which is hidden in the restricted-access evidence rooms at the Smithsonian.
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Giant mound builder skeletons in Tampa, Florida - Nephilim?

The establishment irritates you - they pull your beard, they flick your face - to make you fight, because once they've got you violent they know how to handle you.
Richard J. Dewhurst

7,000-Year-Old Native American ‘Bog Burial’ Found Off the Coast of Florida

It seems a simple process of logic that those giants had some remnants of populations that have survived to this modern day. If you propporse t his diea to any big foot researcher, they sometimes come up with the idea that bigfoto is from outer space, or a species unrelated to humans. Soecies adapt and change characteristics. Perhaps the difference of the composition of the foot bones, associated with bigfoot, are an adaptation of the long ago 'giants', simply carrying their heavy weight while living on their feet, climbing and hunting and moving continually more so than we civilized smaller scale humans. I would love to see some conversations about the relationship of early day giants to present day big foot. But no one seems interested in such discussions. There are also records of Giants in excess of 50 feet tall so comes the mythology of people like Paul Bunyan Axe heads found in a mine that would require a man of this stature top swing it,Skeletons also found Technology of course has been long hidden from us.

The mound contained besides a large number of human burials, the bones being much decayed. With them were deposited a great number of vessels of pottery, many of which are painted in brilliant colors, chiefly red, yellow, and brown, and some of them ornamented with indented patterns, displaying not a little skill in the ceramic art, though they are reduced to fragments. It rested on its apex base uppermost , and was filled with fragments of half incinerated human bones, mingled with dark-colored dust, and the sand which invariably sifts into crania under such circumstances. Immediately beneath the skull lay the greater part of a human tibia, presenting the peculiar compression known as a platycnemism to the degree of affording a latitudinal index of. In the second instance of this peculiar mode in cremation, the cranium was discovered on nearly the opposite side of the mound, at a depth of 2 feet, and, like the former, resting on its apex. It was filled with a black mass—the residuum of burnt human bones mingled with sand. At three feet to the eastward lay the shaft of a flattened tibia, which presents the longitudinal index of.

As sea levels rose, these watery graveyards were submerged by the Gulf of Mexico. Archaeologists have thus far identified the remains of six individuals, but they suspect that many more bodies may lie beneath the sea floor. The ground-breaking discovery was made in by a diver who was searching for prehistoric shark teeth—a popular pastime on the Gulf beaches around Venice, Florida. But instead of shark teeth, the diver found a jawbone, with a molar still attached. A team of underwater archaeologists, led by bureau supervisor Ryan Duggins, subsequently set out to explore the site where the bone had been found. He quickly discovered a broken arm bone, a collection of carved wooden stakes and three separate skull fragments.

Giant Human Skeletons Unearthed in Tampa Bay, Florida. Bartram's Giant Human Skeletons: 9 Foot Human Skeleton Found In Stone Tomb in Tennessee # .
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Why are people so keen to dismiss the giant skeletons discovered in Native American burial sites? Over the years, a man named Jim Viera has been collecting newspaper reports dating back to the nineteenth and early twentieth century regarding the excavation of giant skeletons in Native American burial mounds all over the United States. There are numerous credible and fascinating reports concerning the recovery of giant skeletons in Native American burial sites all around the United States. Among the most prominent of these is the Chickasawba Mound in Arkansas where one can view skeletons ranging from seven to nine feet in length. There are also fascinating reports regarding an excavation carried out by archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institute which resulted in the discovery of no less that seventeen separate giant skeletons in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia. These reports are highly intriguing and could go a long way to filling in the copious gaps regarding the history of Native Americans in the United States. Much of the history of the Native Americans has been lost to people in the modern day, partially because of the orally based tradition of these groups and partially because of systemic erasure by the colonists.



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  1. Giant Skull and bones found in Florida by workers grading a road per St. Petersburg Newspaper. Specimens were sent to the Smithsonian.

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